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When she enters a room you will feel her presence. When she utters her name it echoes deep within your bones, half adoration and half fear. She belongs to no one but herself, but you’ll spend a lifetime wishing she belonged to you. She is inexplicably mad, she is magic. Lovely Rita, she is as intoxicating as her name suggests.

Distilled in the award-winning Casa Maestri distillery in Mexico, the Lovely Rita process is as magical as her taste. The idea of Lovely Rita was dreamt up by a group of tequila enthusiasts from Arizona that wanted to bring to life the spirit of what tequila meant to them.

The brand and product is as multifaceted as Lovely Rita herself and every single element was thoroughly thought through. From the color scheme inspired by the Mexican landscapes to its smooth mellow taste that is best enjoyed on the rocks, Lovely Rita truly is a work of art.

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As soon as you sit across from Lovely Rita you can tell there's something about her.

It could be that she's from the most awarded Tequila distillery in Mexico. All you know, she isn't like other tequilas. No. She has a surprising but gentle sensation and every encounter is left with floral and citric notes. They seduce you but it's the agave that promises more, purposefully - it's her Mexican spirit.

Indulge in Lovely Rita's company. If she'll have you.

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Lovely Rita Reposado, the name alone leaves a lingering feeling in your bones. Everything about her feels authentically Mexican. Ay Papi, she's so smooth and oh-so-satisfying, yet full of flavors and aromas.

When she opens her lips you take in her breath and smell rich notes of sweet cooked agave followed by an elegant toasted wood expression. If you're lucky enough to touch her lips for the second time you'll discover a gentle hint of spice combined with orange peels and mild caramel playing along with delicate floral notes and herbaceous character, adding charm to Lovely Rita Reposado's many characteristics.

Having rested for 8 months in white American oak ex-Tennessee whiskey casks, you'll only really know her true mystique if you're lucky enough to encounter her in the flesh.

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The Lovely Rita Añejo catches your eye and you can tell there’s something about her.

She’s slightly older than what you’re used to – having rested for 18-24 months in White American Oak Ex-Tennessee Whisky casks, in the most awarded Tequila distillery in Mexico. It might be this. It might be her robust yet gentle body hinting mandarin, plums, toasted oak and promises of more to be discovered. It might be her smoothness or that silky sensation that lingers longer than silence after you call your spouse “Rita.”

You're not sure what it is. Maybe it’s just that she caught your eye and you never caught hers.

anejo extra
anejo extra Bottle

You'll tell anyone who will listen about her, the Lovely Rita Extra Añejo Cristalino.

How she's only stayed with one man, the "maestro tequilero" for at least three years in White American Oak Ex-Tennessee Whisky casks, in the most awarded Tequila distillery in Mexico. You'll preach about how her deceivingly crystal clear appearance is acquired through a chill-filtering process. But by yourself, you'll fixate on the lingering taste and the extremely smooth velvety sensation whispering hints of toasted oak, roasted agave, figs - teasing you - "hay más".

But you'll ignore how she just sat there and held every gaze in the room. Including yours.

CASA MAESTRI – The Lovely Rita Distillers

The award-winning Casa Maestri distillery is located in the heart of Jalisco Mexico, in the magical city of tequila. This factory was born by a dream desired by a couple. They were born in different countries (in the U.S. and in Mexico), but both grew up in the atmosphere of wines and spirits with their families.

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